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Furnace cleaning

and inspection

Cleaning and servicing

A clean, well adjusted heating system will save you money on fuel and prolong fuel life. It is important to peridically clean your furnace for safety reasons and to ensure it is running efficiently.

Inspection and testing

We perform visual check of smoke pipe from furnace to chimney base, oil tank, fuel lines, and test all major components. You can be advised of any potential future problems before they happen.

Emergency service

Our well-trained technicians will return comfort to your home as quickly as possible.

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Our cleanings include

• Removal of soot built up inside the furnace to allow for proper combustion.

• Replace fuel filter (if installed) which will catch particulates from the bottom of the fuel tank.

• Replace nozzle to ensure proper fuel flow rate and spray pattern.

• Realign and clean electrodes for proper ignition.

• Removal and visual check of smoke pipe from furnace to chimney base.

• Visually check and test all major components and advise you of any potential future problems

• Efficiency test with a printed receipt will be left with the customer. Note: we are unable to perform    efficiency test on singlewide and most doublewides due to sealed combustion.

• Visual inspection of your heating oil tank and fuel line to make sure it is in good condition, leak-free and well supported.  (For your and our protection), our drivers can refuse to deliver if they feel it could be a potential hazard