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We can help you map out your expenses

We understand the importance of managing a household budget. Our bills consist of monthly payments from mortgages, car payments, electric bills..., lets include heating and eliminate the financial burden during the winter months. Our Budget Plan is designed to build a credit on your account, eliminating a large bill at an inconvenient time.


All customers who sign up for our Budget Plan and Automatic Delivery will receive 5 cents off our cash price for each delivery. The 12 month Budget Plan begins in July. Each payment is due by the 15th of each month. PLEASE REMEMBER, FAILURE TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENT BY THE 15TH OF EACH MONTH WILL RESULT IN BEING REMOVED FROM OUR BUDGET PROGRAM.

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Budget plan

build credit

The major benefits with our 12 month Budget Plan

  • 5 cent discount off the cash price (must be automatic and payments current).

  • The convenience of regular monthly payments (instead of payment at time of delivery).

  • Automatic delivery (eliminates having to remember to call and order your heating oil).

  • Eliminates off route and emergency fees.  

  • Our no run out guarantee, if you run out under our watch, we will immediately make your delivery and credit your account with $100.00.


The Budget Plan estimates the customers' gallon usage for the approaching heating season based on their average fuel consumption over the past years. The gallon usage for the year is multiplied by an estimated selling price, this figure is then divided by 12 monthly payments.  NOTE: The estimated selling price is not a locked in rate.  The daily cash price will be used at time of delivery.  During the season, if prices should change significantly we will re-evaluate your account so you don't have a large balance due at the end.


If you are interested in signing up, please contact our office at (518) 563-3653. Our budget information is sent out early June with signup throughout the month. If you are responding after the program has started, it still may be possible, so please don’t hesitate to CALL AND ASK.