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Diesel fuel

and off road diesel

Never run out of diesel fuel again

We can deliver diesel and off road diesel fuel to your home, business and farm.


Off road diesel and highway diesel are the exact same product (#2 ULSD, 15 ppm Sulfur ) for use in all diesel vehicles and engines. The difference is in the road tax paid on highway diesel and off road diesel must have red dye added to give it a red color. That's so when the state or federal tax people do roadside diesel inspections, they can tell just by looking if you are running off road diesel in a highway vehicle.


We have competitive pricing and accept HEAP and Citizens Energy.  


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Emergency diesel delivery

If you are starting to run low on diesel fuel we are available to make emergency deliveries.

Use diesel for:

 •  Highway vehicles

 •  Off road vehicles

 •  Off road equipment

 •  Home heating

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